As an Oriflame Brand Partner you can build a customer base, to earn immediate profit, three ways:

Personal Beauty Store

When you join Oriflame with our team we will show you how to attract potential prospects using social media for whom you can identify a problem that the Oriflame products can help them with. You can then recommend specific Oriflame products to help them solve their problems by sending them your unique link and receiving 25% of the order value when they order as a commission. Your Personal Beauty Store is available 24/7.

Example store –

Oriflame Paper Catalogue

Oriflame produce a catalogue every 3 weeks with the latest offers up to 60% discount. You can leave catalogues with friends, family, neighbours and anybody else. We will train you on the best way to use the catalogues to receive orders. All orders you receive this way pay you 20% profit with an extra 10% as a ‘loyalty bonus’ paid against future catalogues if in any single catalogue period you exceed £105 value sales.

Oriflame eCatalogue

The paper catalogue is also available as an online version. You can send the link to the eCatalogue by Whatsapp or email and when a customer orders through the eCatalogue you are paid in the same way as ehen they order through your Personal Beauty Store.

Example eCatalogue: