Busy? No time for a skincare routine? Think again?

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Hey, we are like you. We lead busy lives and things like skincare take a definite second place to our work, family and play. We totally get it!

But there are good reasons why we, as men, should be taking care of our skin, and not believe it is ‘just something for the ladies’ or something that takes too much time.

If you need a quick and effective skincare routine then read on.

So tell me, why do I need a skincare routine? I have a bar of soap!

Believe it or not, that is a common question we get (I am sure not a question you would ask though!). But just in case here are a few reasons why we men should take care of our skin. And more importantly, why stealing your significant other’s skincare products probably is not the best solution.

Although there are many similarities, men’s skin is very different from women’s. Primarily, this is due to testosterone – the main male hormone which causes men to have thicker, more resistant skin, facial hair and comparatively high levels of sweat production.

 By nature, testosterone also causes elevated levels of sebum production which makes men’s skin oilier. And when you take into account that men have larger pores it’s easy to understand why their skin is more at risk of attracting grime and becoming clogged with dirt and oil.

Some good news for men is that ageing signs in male skin are actually delayed compared to women’s. But the bad news is, when they do appear, the ageing process accelerates dramatically. This contributes to a tired look that men want to avoid at all costs because insights show they perceive this to be truly revealing of their age.

Another unique factor is that testosterone-charged skin needs to be energised. Without this, its youthful appearance fades prematurely and signs of ageing set in. Facial hair also plays its part. Men with beards are more likely to have dirt and oil building up in the hairs, while men who shave regularly are submitting their skin to additional, unwanted stress.